Hot Tub Hire Wales will not accept any damage, injuries or death resulting from the misuse of our hot tubs. Hot Tub Hire Wales will not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to Grass, Patios, Decking or any water Damage. Essentially owning a hot tub or hot tub hire fromHot Tub Hire Wales is common sense, we will point out when installing your hot tub hire the key points to look out for, for example using glass in or around hot tubs, splashing water near any electrical devise and using electrical devices in your hot tub hire unit. Common sense I know.

Some Key points to watch out for but not exhaustive:

Do not drink alcohol whilst using the hot tub hire.

Do not use any electrical devices in or around your hot tub hire.

Do Not Allow children in your Hot Tub hire without being supervised by an adult.

Do not Add bubble bath, Glitter or anything else not supplied by us into your Hot Tub Hire.

Do Not use any Glass in your hot tub hire, plastic glasses are fine.

Do not wear any outside clothes or shoes in your hot tub hire, please wear suitable swimwear.

Pregnant women or anyone suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease or any other illness you are not sure about need to seek medical advice before using a hot tub hire.

Do not sit on the hot tub cover or use as a table, any damage caused to the hot tub cover will be charged back to the customer.

Do not Jump in the Hot Tub Hire.

Any damaged caused to the hot tub hire unit and deemed your fault will come out of the deposit, if this does not cover the damage then we will ask for payment. If payment is not forthcoming then we will seek damages in the small claim courts.

No more than 6 adults in the hot tub at any one time.

Looking after your Hot Tub Hire whilst on hire to the customer.

Water Treatment is your responsibility and you will be shown in detail how to look after your hot tub whilst in your charge. Not only is water treatment important for the health and safety of your bathers, however also your neighbours. Hot Tubs, because of the temperature are an ideal breeding ground for some nasty bugs. Water treatment of your hot tub hire though is very, very simple and quick and easy to keep on top of. Don’t worry you really do not need a degree in chemistry and will be shown in detail by the installer – you can always give us a call if not sure during your hot tub hire.

Cleaning the filter will be required on a regular basis, again you will be shown how to do this and is very quick and simple. Filters can block, the fliters job is to maintain the clarity of your water, its other job is to protect the hot tub hire heater. If it becomes blocked your hot tub will cool down and not heat up.

Water level is important to maintain, again you will be shown the correct level by your hot tub installer.

With regards to filters blocking and water level to low these issues will both prevent your hot tub from working. If you cannot rectify this yourself you will be charged a £25.00 call out fee if you are ove r25 .

Luxury yet affordable hot tub hire for any occasion:

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • hen parties
  • wedding celebrations
  • school holidays
  • family gatherings
  • holiday cottages
  • staycations
  • … or just because you deserve to relax!

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