Xmas Hot Tub Hire

4 Person Hire £250 /6 Person Hire £350

Drop Off 21st and 23rd
Collection 27th 9am

New Year Hot Tub Hire

4 Person Hire £250 /6 Person Hire £350

Drop Off 27th and 28th
Collection 2nd Jan 9am

Delivery charges may apply


•  Chosen Hot Tub & (and lid)
•  All chemicals & filters for hire period
•  Thermal ground sheet
•  Matting if required for uneven surfaces
   (at no extra cost)
•  24 hour helpline
•  Waterproof extension leads
•  Fully insured
•  Step-by-step demonstration

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for prices and availability or call for a hot tub hire quote

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Day 1 Delivery Day: This day is about delivery & set up of the tub. Please remember it takes time to fill and heat up to 1000 liters of water. We Deliver between 7am and 6pm

Pickup Day Day: Anytime between 7am and 7pm. We are happy to try to work with you for certain times but it depends to collection route

Xmas Hot Tub Hire

4 Person Hire £250 /6 Person Hire £350

Drop Off 21st and 23rd Dec
Collection 27th 9am Dec

New Year Hot Tub Hire

4 Person Hire £250 /6 Person Hire £350

Drop Off 27th and 28th Dec
Collection 2nd Jan 9am



Useful information to know about the hot tub you are hiring

A four-man hot tub will take around 800L of water to fill. A six-man hot tub takes 1200L to fill.

The four-man hot tub will take around 18 hours to heat up to 40° this is if the water is 10° from the tap and in wintertime periods may take longer. The six-man hot tub will take around 20 hours to heat up to 40° when the temperature from the tap 10° and also waited longer.

In the summertime periods when the water in the tap averages around 15° you can see your hot times being ready to use with at least three hours took off the time of heating.

For best results of using your hot tub and getting as many uses out of it in one day. Your best to get out of the hot tub at 37° this will reheat very quickly within an hour or so if the temperature falls below this it will add on at least two hours recovery time.

For best results in using your hot tub and not having any problems you must do the following:

  • Always shower before using the tub as any fragrant body sprays, suntan lotions, aftershaves or moisturisers etc will be stripped off the body with the chlorine in the water and will cause it to clog the filter ending in water not being circulated and your heat will dramatically drop and having error codes.
  • For best results always wear the same costume from when you start the hot tub hire to any leaves and only rinse it in the shower after and before use of the hot, by doing this you will not cause any problems to the filters as if you keep washing your costumes in the washing machine and using fabric conditioner this will block the filters in the hot tab and cause problems.


4 person tub:

Luxury yet affordable hot tub hire for any occasion:

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • hen parties
  • wedding celebrations
  • school holidays
  • family gatherings
  • holiday cottages
  • staycations
  • … or just because you deserve to relax!

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